Bodin Larsen ́s paintings contain substantial internal references to the history of painting, especially to the story of painting in its high modernist, some say terminal, phase around the middle of the past century. Clear allusions to action painting are evident, albeit without the tactile, corporeal dimensions that we associate with Jackson Pollock, who transformed the canvas into an arene for his personal activity. Bodin Larsen lets the mechanical moment take over, although it is still the person of the artist who controls the process. The reorientation to a contemporary context assumes the form of a central underlying project...

Art Historian Line Ulekleiv

From the catalogue Semiautomatic, Oslo 2007


Hydra School project

Bodin Larsen uses an abstract visual idiom to explore the limits of painting. Processes and techniques are the starting point for his project, and with them he experiments and challenges our conventional conceptions about painting as an art form...

Artist and curator Dimitrios Antonitsis

From the catalogue OIKEAHydra 2012